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GHC Luxury Equine Placenta Cell Care
GHC 極致奢華珍貴馬胎盤素系列

Extreme luxury precious horse placenta essence

The cosmetic effect of Placenta Extract is very significant when it is applied on skin care area. Like infiltrating valuable nutrients to our skin cells to activate cell regeneration. GHC Luxury Equine Placenta Cell Care can concentrate on improving fine lines, moisturizing and brighten skin tone, so that the skin as pearl-like glossy smooth.

• Fade spots, Diminish fine lines and Firm sagging skin
• Brighten skin tone

GHC Brightening Soap (Equine)

Delicately cleanses skin with nourishing 50% moisturizing concentrates. Formulated without lauric acid, alcohol, petroleum-based surfactants, preservatives, coloring and artificial fragrances. Gently clean the skin help regenerate nourish brighten skin, to achieve anti-aging effect. (Suitable for dry-sensitive skin)

Main Effect :

  • Removes dirt and excessive sebum
  • Gently cleanse skin with moisturizing effect

Direction :

Rub soap with wet hands until foaming. Spread foam throughout face, and rinse through with water.

GHC Lotion (Equine)

GHC Lotion maintains skin moisture balance and aims to keep it up to horny cell layer and intercellular fats. It controls moisture retention so hydrated skin is brightened and elastic.

Main Effect :
  • Keep moisture skin 
  • Brighten skin tone

Direction :

Damp face with adequate amount after cleanse. Pat or dab until fully absorbed.

GHC Dia Serum (Equine)

Highly concentrated, intensive care for skin. Placental Extract (Equine) and other key ingredients interact to help to minimize the appearance of fine lines. While improving uneven skin tone, highly moisturizing, to create a flawless face.

Main Effect : 

  • Fade spots
  • Diminish fine lines
  • Whitening & highly moisture retention
  • Firm sagging skin

Direction :  

Can be used directly in cleanse skin, or after use in GHC lotion. Recommended take two to three pumps to slip through face. Tap until fully absorbed

GHC Repairing Cream (Equine)

It contains two kinds of Ceramides and Proteoglycan and *Hyalorepair, which keep skin luscious, repairs out-balance lamellar layer, replenish moisture skin, and help promote healthy skin regeneration.

Main Effect : 

  • Smoothing and moisture effect
  • retain moisture
  • Diminish fine lines
  • Promote skin regeneration


Using the repairing cream after the lotion and serum. Smooth adequate amount, 2 - 3 pearl-size, on entire face. Can be applied over for additional condition.

GHC UV Protecter (Porcine)

The use of physical sunscreen ingredients, a comprehensive barrier UV light damage, waterproof and do not add UV absorbers, pigments, spices, alcohol, preservative formula, suitable for any age skin use.


• SPF50. PA +++
• Resistance to UVA / UVB UV attack
• Defense against light aging
• Can be used directly as a moisturizing cream or makeup front cream


Shake the sunscreen lotion, take appropriate amount of use, in case of sweat or wipe after the need to re-smear. Belong to the type of waterproof, use after the use of remover or soap carefully clean and clean.